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This is a cry we’ve all thought about. Is safety truly the most important factor, or is production of more importance to you? In those times it doesn’t matter anymore what’s most important, but it is the order which matters. Without activity no safety and eventually there won’t be any activity when there is no safety. One can simply not exist without the other and because of that, All in good time.

It happens quite often that companies take the wrong turn, are seeking or they just want to measure themselves.

Does this sound familiar to you?
Then you’re time has come to contact Faisel Advies & Training BV.

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Accompaniment in behaviour
HSE & QHSE consultancy
Establishing HSE & QHSE management
Managing HSE & QHSE management
Seconding HSE & QHSE managers
Seconding HSE & QHSE officers
Accompaniment by investigating incidents
Performing all HSE & QHSE audits
Facilitating RI&E sessions
Providing management trainings
Providing communication trainings
Providing practically oriented trainings

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Attitude & Behaviour

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History Faisel

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Our Vision & Mission

We cannot imagine any activity or job in which someone’s life is being risked. In our view, all activities in our daily life can be affected to adequately reduce the possibilities of loss...


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Detaching & Advice

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Gaining profits

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Foreign countries

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