Foreign countries

Ever since its existence, Faisel Advies & Training BV has gained the necessary experience in foreign countries and with foreign companies. Our experience shows that our vision and mission can be unchanged and still be applied in foreign countries or foreign companies. Our approach to the services mentioned, with regard to advising, staffing, coaching and training abroad for foreign companies, does not differ much from the approach in the Netherlands. Working abroad or with foreign companies requires the necessary research and empathy. In consultation, we would love to take care of your demands in supporting working abroad or working with foreign companies.


Experience Staatsolie Suriname

The Italian main contractor required to have a fulltime HSE-Manager per subcontractor on location during the building of an oil refinery (700 million US Dollar). After doing the necessary research, Faisel Advies & Training ensured that the fulltime HSE-Manager was allowed to become a part-time HSE-Manager.
Faisel Advies & Training got this function while being only one week on location in Suriname every month, for 1,5 year!

MNO Vervat Suriname

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Reference NMO Vervat Suriname

QHSE Managerfaisel-2014 tinyMNO Vervat Suriname
Public company; 1001-5000 employees; Civile engineering industry
July 2012 – December 2013 (1 year 6 months) State Oil

Coaching of increasing the level of safety and safety awareness of staff de (petrochemical level) both management and employees (working for MNO Vervat Suriname) on location Staatsolie Suriname. (newly built oil refinery 700 million US dollars). An average of 1 week every 2 months on location in Suriname.


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