Gaining profits

Environment belongs to all of us







Gaining profits

Gaining profit can still be achieved by preventing reputation and repair damage and by profit and sales losses. Because of the visualisation of all possible threats and the controlling of potential risks, employers and employees will cooperate more efficiently.



More efficiently means that the entire organisation is focussed on integral cooperation. Within integral we understand:

• Treating each other with respect

• Treating each other's work with respect

• Seeing employees as family

• Seeing material as from one another’s

• The environment belongs to everyone

• Addressing each other on attitude and behaviour

• Interfering if desirable or necessary


Because of our 20 years of experience we believe that this will eventually lead into the intended profit. As you probably know, an IF-rate means nothing. The statistics show that every company or project Faisel Advies & Training has guided, has an IF-rate of < 2. This number is mainly obtained by driving the attitude and behaviour of the whole organisation and its employees.