Detachment & Advice

advies FaiselIn various corporate cultures ranging from the (road) construction, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, etc. safety is taking a prominent role because of several causes, in which need has been caused by for example:

• Your organisation or construction manager needs extra support in achieving your (safety)goals

• Clients and staff supporting in project teams or specified items. This can both be a short-term and a long-term period

• Tight schedules in which more activities/companies work simultaneously on the same places

• Additional risks are formed with possibly serious consequences due to various circumstances

• Additional (external) own control (pro-active watcher)

• Performing 0-measurements to determine the actual status of your company


Faisel Advies & Training BV would love to help you realise this plan and we can offer you full KAM/safety support where necessary. This can be an individual or a complete team.


Our people will work pragmatically without losing the overview in QHSE-plans. In consultation with each other, we set up a customised manager system in which is described how the goals will be achieved. The compliance/execution in practice is taken into account. Our specialists will recognise non-feasible or conflicting goals during the practice and make you aware of them. Experiences of ‘theory and practice differ’ should be prevented.


We support KAM and/or QHSE-managers by seconding experts. If desired or sometimes even because of necessary reasons, we will take over your full QHSE- and/or HSE-management on an interim base. In advance, we will make a schedule for the duration in consult with you. During this period, we will ensure that the desired knowledge and experience will be embedded in your organisation. In accordance with our engagement, your employees will be able to bear it completely by themselves.