Vision & Mission


vision faisel baboeFor Faisel Advies & Training BV the human being is the most important good that has to be protected, regardless of the consequences. We cannot imagine any activity or job in which someone’s life is being risked. In our view, all activities in our daily life can be affected to adequately reduce the possibilities of loss. Any such activity may not start before all possible dangers and potential risks have been tackled. In a healthy organisation people are seen as family members or family of family members. Treating each other with respect is the main point of this.







mission faiselFaisel Advies & Training BV is striving to prevent its clients from taking irresponsible risks in which people can get jeopardised. In addition, we strive to protect our clients for all the misery they will experience in case things do go wrong. The personal experience has strengthened us to preventively go into this. In our collaboration, your employees are after all our employees.